2016 Jaguar F-TYPE in NYC

by riley harper

So recently I teamed up with Jaguar USA while I was in N.Y.C. Andrew from Jaguar met me at the airport in a 2016 Jaguar F-TYPE R. The most top of the line one they make. It has a supercharged V8 that puts out 550 HP at 502 lb-ft of torque. It had a Carbon fiber roof, oversized ceramic brakes, all the bells and whistles. I was never a huge Jaguar fan, but once i stepped foot in this thing, my whole opinion of the brand changed. Everything in it was perfect. The interior was beautiful with suede headliner, dash, and race seats. Carbon fiber accents throughout the whole cockpit, it felt like i was in a fighter jet. The best thing about this car was the sound.. It truly is one of the best sounding stock cars i have ever heard. Leaving the car in first gear and letting off the throttle in a small street in the West Village, it backfired and echo'd the streets like nothing I've ever driven. I didn't get to really open it up as much as i wanted to, but they told me i would be able to head up to Monticello Race track north of NYC to really be able to drive one and open it up. Here is some photos I shot of the car throughout NYC.