El Mirage

by riley harper

Behind the Scenes shots by Sinuhe Xavier and some shots are mine that I shot on 35mm film from a Collaboration Video shoot for The Mighty Motor.   Dave Castillo was out on the Covert Camera Bike getting some really badass angles. I brought out my 74' Husky, my 69' Triumph Bonneville for fun, but we filmed with Sinuhe's Triumph Scrambler. Glad he let me cut her loose a bit. Finished the day with some cold Tecate's because its not a Sinuhe directed shoot without those at wrap!

(click photo to see next)

And here is a quick clip from the day !

Behind the Scenes // Baxter of CA

by riley harper

Here are some of the Behind the Scenes shots from the Baxter of California video shoot. All photos shot by Stefan Wigand. Will post more later! Enjoy! (Click on photo to view larger)