DEUS presents: “Extremity”

by riley harper

My friends at Deus Ex Machina asked me to be a part of a video / photoshoot directed by the infamous Jeff Zwart who is a hero to me and many others. 

 I was was lucky enough to drive Jeff’s personal Bellytank Racer, which is the centerpoint of the film. 

Also, there is a behind the scenes that Deus put together from the shoot. 


AWOLNATION -Seven Sticks of Dynamite

by riley harper

I recently Directed a music video for the band AWOLNATION. We had a blast shooting in Malibu at one of our favorite places. We shot everything in one day and had tons of epic people on board in every department !  hope you guys enjoy the finale product! 


Drifting a Lambo

by riley harper

Had the awesome chance to go Drift Samuel Hubinette and Stina Hubinette's Lamborghini Hurricane yesterday with Jon Olsson and Marcus Valeur. Never thought you could get a Supercar Sideways like this! heres a clip, and in the info section of the video you can go see the full Blog on Jons youtube channel. Enjoy! Video shot by: Marcus Valeur.

Malibu on a Wednesday

by riley harper

I just got a new DJI Phantom 4 Drone from my buddies at so i decided to take it out for a spin on my buddy Jeremy's yacht. We took off from Marina Del Rey and headed back up to Malibu and drank some beers and surfed behind the boat. Heres some footage from the day! enjoy.


by riley harper

Last summer my good friend Mic Rogers asked me to stunt coordinate this BMW viral video for some producer friends working for BMW in Germany. We went to Cape Town South Africa to shoot and the video was a complete success. Hitting 14 million views in the first week. I brought out Rhys Millen, Rich Rutherford, Daijero Yoshihara, Samuel Hubinette and Conrad Grunwald to drive. Once we all landed in Cape Town we had a week to prep and rehearse as we only had 1 and a half days of street closure to shoot which is not much time at all for all we wanted to shoot. Here is the video and the behind the scenes video and photos of how we shot the video. 

XYLØ "America" Music Video

by riley harper

Was lucky enough to Direct this music video for some friends of mine (XYLØ). We shot it in 2 days and pulled way too many favors from way too many rad humans. Thanks everyone who helped this come to life! Hopefully more to come!. Enjoy Will post Behind the scenes photos in a bit.


by riley harper

I just got home from Sweden and Spain yesterday. Feels great to be home as its been 3 months. I ordered some goodies while i was in Sweden, one of which is a new water housing for one of my cameras, so my brother, zack and jeff met me down at the beach to go for a bodysurf and take some shots. Here is what we got!

2016 Jaguar F-TYPE in NYC

by riley harper

So recently I teamed up with Jaguar USA while I was in N.Y.C. Andrew from Jaguar met me at the airport in a 2016 Jaguar F-TYPE R. The most top of the line one they make. It has a supercharged V8 that puts out 550 HP at 502 lb-ft of torque. It had a Carbon fiber roof, oversized ceramic brakes, all the bells and whistles. I was never a huge Jaguar fan, but once i stepped foot in this thing, my whole opinion of the brand changed. Everything in it was perfect. The interior was beautiful with suede headliner, dash, and race seats. Carbon fiber accents throughout the whole cockpit, it felt like i was in a fighter jet. The best thing about this car was the sound.. It truly is one of the best sounding stock cars i have ever heard. Leaving the car in first gear and letting off the throttle in a small street in the West Village, it backfired and echo'd the streets like nothing I've ever driven. I didn't get to really open it up as much as i wanted to, but they told me i would be able to head up to Monticello Race track north of NYC to really be able to drive one and open it up. Here is some photos I shot of the car throughout NYC. 

North Shore

by riley harper

Had an amazing trip to North Shore, Oahu last week. Michaela and I talked about planning a trip with Jon and Janni when we were in Spain visiting them during summer, a lot of people talk about trips, but i don't think they realized that we are serious when we talk about trips haha. So, we made it happen and it ended up being epic. We rented the Vans House at Pipeline which was insane. Janni's dad ad his girlfriend came as well and the house still had some extra rooms! Since we were right on the beach it was pretty amazing. Waves were small, but got to soft top a bunch and see some friends. We stayed next door to Jamie O'brien so was fun to see him and surf a little with him and his friends and catch up. Heres some pics from our trip ! enjoy.


Mr. Porter X RRL

by riley harper

I had an Awesome chance to work with Mr. porter out of London, which is an awesome website i have followed for some time now. I did an interview and spent 2 days in the Desert with awesome photographer Tom Craig, and Dan May from Mr. Porter who styled the shoot.. heres what we ended up with.



by riley harper

Had such an epic week in Tahiti. I have been prepping this project for 1 year now since a friend at Red Bull Media House contacted me about lighting Jamie O'brien on Fire in a wave.. Its something I've thought about how to do for years.. Safe to say i was excited to get to work on it ASAP. I was able to bring an awesome crew of friends to help with the fire set up and water safety to make sure everything went to plan. It was not an easy task, dealing with all of the elements of being at Teahupoo in 20 ft waves, but we got it done and are stoked!!! Huge thanks to Raimana for letting us into his home and helping us on all levels to make this happen! Enjoy the photos and video teaser that Red Bull put up on youtube.. The full clips will be coming out on Jamies show on youtube " Who is JOB 5.0" on August 7th.

Marbella // Mallorca

by riley harper

I headed to Marbella, Spain with Michaela to see our friends Jon and Janni and stay at their place for a couple days before we went to her place in Mallorca. They have a amazing place there and we had blast as they showed us around. We have some fun trips planned with them in the near future that will be epic as well. We flew to Mallorca and hung out there for a few days and michaela did a photoshoot one afternoon so i shot some photos of her and her friend Siri as they did that. Even got to rent a little motorcycle for a day to mess around on instead of taking taxis! Great trip. Enjoy the Pictures.

Buzz Feed Drag Racing

by riley harper

A few weeks ago, Andy Bell and Sweatpants Media invited me to come do some driving for a Nitto Tire promotional video in Downtown LA. we drag raced a bunch of different user cars on the 6th street bridge. The girls from Buzz Feed  stopped by to do some drag racing with Andy and myself as the drivers.. We swapped back and forth between a 1200 HP Nissan GTR tuned down, and a 600 HP Ferrari 548 Italia. Check out the video, and watch these girls scream! haha.

El Mirage

by riley harper

Behind the Scenes shots by Sinuhe Xavier and some shots are mine that I shot on 35mm film from a Collaboration Video shoot for The Mighty Motor.   Dave Castillo was out on the Covert Camera Bike getting some really badass angles. I brought out my 74' Husky, my 69' Triumph Bonneville for fun, but we filmed with Sinuhe's Triumph Scrambler. Glad he let me cut her loose a bit. Finished the day with some cold Tecate's because its not a Sinuhe directed shoot without those at wrap!

(click photo to see next)

And here is a quick clip from the day !

Behind the Scenes // Baxter of CA

by riley harper

Here are some of the Behind the Scenes shots from the Baxter of California video shoot. All photos shot by Stefan Wigand. Will post more later! Enjoy! (Click on photo to view larger)