by riley harper

Had such an epic week in Tahiti. I have been prepping this project for 1 year now since a friend at Red Bull Media House contacted me about lighting Jamie O'brien on Fire in a wave.. Its something I've thought about how to do for years.. Safe to say i was excited to get to work on it ASAP. I was able to bring an awesome crew of friends to help with the fire set up and water safety to make sure everything went to plan. It was not an easy task, dealing with all of the elements of being at Teahupoo in 20 ft waves, but we got it done and are stoked!!! Huge thanks to Raimana for letting us into his home and helping us on all levels to make this happen! Enjoy the photos and video teaser that Red Bull put up on youtube.. The full clips will be coming out on Jamies show on youtube " Who is JOB 5.0" on August 7th.